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38in. UltraLight Kits


We took our proven designs from the DW 38in lineup and created a new series which we are calling our 38in. UltraLight kits. This lightweight airframe lends itself to an indoor style foamie and also does very well outdoors. With the AUW coming in at almost one-half the weight of our standard Depron 38in kits, this creates a lightweight indoor/outdoor foamie that is a blast to fly.


38in. UltraLight Series Specs-

  • AUW 7.5 ounces w/ 2S-350mAh Lipoly
  • Constructed of 6mm White Depron AERO
  • Flat Carbon main spar
  • The setup uses a single aileron servo with an offset G-10 control horn
  • EZ-Connectors and carbon pushrods.
  • The rudder/elevator is a pull-pull setup with Dacron line w/cable tensioning.
  • Lightweight landing gear


Suggested power system & electronics-

  • Dynamo 2205-1400 motor & 8 amp controller
  • 8x6 GWS SF prop
  • 2S 350-450 mAh for indoor & 3S 450-600mAh for outdoor flying
  • 3- servos (6 gram - 9 gram)
  • 4 channel RX


Details and Pricing-

UltraLight at the Park

Flopgun flying (Video)


 Ultralight at the Park


DW Threlon Micro

F3P 23in. Threlon Micro (Video)

Threlon Micro


S5 Box


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Product Review



This mat kit seems simple enough; it includes a 6x18-inch self-sealing mat, an aluminum straightedge and a retractable utility knife. However, I find that I use the thing all the time! The straight edge has a 45-degree bevel on one side that is perfect for cutting foam or balsa. On foam planes, these cuts are perfect for the hinge joints. The metal edge guides the knife and produces a straight line in the foam, leaving a nice hinging surface.

I leave this mat and straight edge on my building table and find that I am always picking it up and using it to cut just about everything from hook-and-loop fasteners to balsa wing skins. The 45-degree cut on the edge of balsa wing skins gives a little better glue joint and that joint disappears with a light sanding to produce a smooth look. I also use this for cutting UltraCote and MonoKote covering. The straight edge allows me to make some nice pin-stripes covering, which I use to seal up canopies and highlight color designs on the plane. The small investment of $19.95 will serve you well, as you will find yourself using this in many different ways including its original design as a hinge cutter. - John Reed

July 2012 Model Airplane News

Beveling-Mat-John Reid Detail

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