3D Printed Cessna 152


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These new kits are constructed of PLA plastic designed by 3DLabPrint.

Kit Specifications:

Wing Span: 1563mm (61.5in)
Length: 1220mm (48.0in)
Wing Area: 36 dm2 / 3.9 sq foot
Wing Airfoil: NACA sym. modification
Flying Weight: 1944 g / 68 1/2 oz
Radio: Micro servos and micro receiver
Battery: 4S 3300mAh
Motor: DP- 2826 730kv
Controller: 50 Amp Speed Control

The kit includes the following-

  • Printed PLA parts
  • Removable Wing
  • Stock Graphic Package
  • Pre-bent Pushrods, E-Z connectors & screw package


  • Our Dynamo 2826-730kv motor & controller
  • 6- 17gram servos or equivalent HS-82’s
  • Glue Kit

What’s needed:

  • 730KV Brushless motor (175 grams max weight)
  • 11×5.5 APC Electric Prop
  • 40-50 speed controller
  • 6- HS-82 servos or equivalent
  • BSI Insta-Cure+ medium CA and kicker
  • 4S 3300 65C Li-poly Battery


Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 36 x 12 x 4 in
Kit Options

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Extensive hi-tech 3d structural reinforcement,

this makes the model very rigid while still maintaining a lightweight airframe. Great accuracy in the airfoil and other parts are achieved by printing with plastic. This perfect and exact 3d structure is possible only due to additive FFF 3dprinting technology. So welcome to the 21th century of model flying…be The first at your airfield.

 Easy to assembly,

you do not need any extra tools or hardware, you only need to glue printed parts together and make pushrods connections for the control surfaces. The rest of the assembly is very easy, simply add a brushless motor, ESC, servos and radio system. Don’t worry, a detailed step by step PDF/VIDEO is available.
You will get superb performance airplane with High efficient power-plant which let you fly 7+ minutes at full throttle with the speed exceeding 165kph (HP setup). On the other hand low stall speed is achieved for easy landing.

This aircraft is specially designed in a way that you don’t need any nuts or additional joining
elements. When arriving at the flying site just click all printed parts together.
You will get a superbly performing training and durable airplane suitable even for hard landings
(with easy to change landing gear). Our Cessna 152 is a spin-stall proof plane even in
low speed tight turn.



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